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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Beware of Appearances

 Paint Party Friday
29 faces of September
My computer is giving me trouble this week.
 I wrote this a while back after reading about
 woman whose claims were dismissed by a 
celebrity partner.   
Men with perfectly painted sheds to match their perfectly painted
 homes, in their perfectly groomed yards are often sorely imperfect.
 Men who seem jovial and kind to neighbors, ones who wear their
 party face, and go to church religiously are not always as they
 seem to those who know them intimately!
Men who are adored movie stars and seemingly
 loving fathers can be Hyde, behind closed doors!

  Quiet unassuming people who make us laugh with
 their contemptible humour may be extremely 
verbally abusive to those they appear to love!
Mental illness can be hidden behind a beautiful smile, 
a quiet demeanor, a generous hard working spirit.
 Alcoholism, and drug abuse can do the same! 
Many woman suffer behind closed doors and no one
  knows what to believe! Friends can't quite comprehend
 it, and often times the victim wrestles with how to 
define abuse.
Milly exhausted after harvest
Their partner was mean  during a drunken stupor, is that abuse?
 He's impatient and snarly with his children when no one is
 watching, yet appears to be the perfect dad! Is that abuse? 
 He punches a hole in the wall instead of you! Is that a threat 
of abuse? He starts ranting and screaming for no particular
 reason or provocation. Children and partners are dumbfounded
 by the behavior and try to calm him down.....is that abuse?
 Mad at co workers he demeans you verbally! Is that abuse?
If it feels threatening, then it probably is! No need to doubt it! 
Love doesn't feel bad. Love is hard at times. It can be 
frustrating and irritating!
Love can be demanding, and unappreciative, 
thoughtless, careless, and forgetful at times! It 
just can be. However it should be a knowing. 
You should feel valued, at ease, safe and 
respected the majority of the time!
 Too many times women suffer in silence, covering for 
bad behavior. Shocked by it none the less, but still 
protective of those they love!
I'm Sammy a green dog, or am I?
 A lot of my art is rarely the true colour to what the
  image is. A metaphor for life! What we see on the
 outside is too often not the reality of what's 
on the inside!
 I bark all day long, I get away with it because I'm adorable!
Sadly I learned that as a young child when my safety was
 compromised by an  extended family member! Thereafter,
 even as young teen much older adult males also covertly
  propositioned me. Some forced me into unwanted
 uncomfortable positions!  Those you would
 never expect to be so smarmy!
I'm cute but I have bad manners, and hump legs in public!
I had a parent who looked up to those with 
more education. Holding  too much credence in
 those who held a degree...leaving me a little 
more vulnerable than I should have been.
Cute eh? I nip at Children when no one is looking!
 She did however educate me on predators 
 of which I bumped into many along the way. 
 It's why I was a very informative 
and over-protective parent at times!

I still ask parents to be overly cautious with their 
 children and once even demanded my brother
 hear me out when I felt his child was being
 assessed by someone unsafe!
I pee inside  because I don't like the cold!
 There are always things you don't know 
about people. Best to always be wary and safe!

Have you ever been surprised that 
someone wasn't who they appeared to be?

In hindsight were there clues?

" The gift of Fear" is a wonderful
book by Gavin De Becker  
highlighting human behavior  and safety!
I've yet to read " Protecting the Gift"
about protecting teens and young children!
I have no doubt it's excellent since
he is such an expert!
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